ECO-design is about combining two things – namely sustainability and designThe concept design originates from Latin – disignare – and has ambiguous meanings, such as “plotting, make drafts, plan”. It is often used in connection with lifestyle products. The second key concept is sustainability, which is more recent. The most cited source when speaking about sustainability is associated with Brundtland. In 1983 the United Nations established the ‘ World Commission on Environment and Development “. This commission was to examine whether it was possible to secure a future where society is based on sustainable use of natural resources. In 1987, the World Commission Report “Our Common Future”, defined sustainable development as follows: “A development that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

ECO-design is about designing products that meet current needs while thinking about future generations.





This chart shows Message Earth’s ECO-design wheel, we will try to explain how we work with ECO-design in our company. The center of the figure shows the traditional functions that a company has – the 10 steps (right from product inception to product destruction). It’s called a life cycle perspective. In addition, we have a number of sustainability activities. These are activities where it is potentially possible for a company to implement a sustainable philosophy. Message Earth as a company and all our products are developed with the ECO-design wheel as a guide.

One of the core values of Message Earth is partnership.

Our focus is to bring value to YOU. We love to make customized or CO-branded products. Let us know what you want and we will make it in any style or language!



Let’s give some examples on how we work with ECO-design.


We design all of our products with the thought that one day they can be disposed of with a clear conscience. For example we use biodegradable materials in our products. Biodegradable materials are materials that nature itself can break down. Note that all Message Earth greeting cards are wrapped – not in standard oil-based plastic that is difficult to degrade – but biodegradable plastic which is made from corn starch.

All our artwork is printed with natural vegetable ink. We only use 100% uncoated recycled paper and a minimum of chemicals in the production is used. In addition, our products have FSC and the Swan labels. All our products have a minimum of packaging – on average each Dane throws about 180 kg. packaging material out each year. We try to minimize the waste.

Unlike many other design companies we produce, as much as we can, locally. You will not find “Made in China” on our products. By producing locally, we minimize transport and thus also CO2 emissions.

All our paper products are made from 100% recycled paper. This means that not a single tree is cut in the process.

Our basic concept is to create the most delicious ECO-design products that make sense in several ways. We are dedicated to the development of products that do not prey on our resources.