Go green with Message Earth. Do you want special ECO Christmas cards, notebooks, posters or another product? We live and breathe for designing awesome ECO design products for our customers in ANY LANGUAGE. Get in inspired by the below cases:

BRANDTS have the vision to become the most innovative art museum in Denmark. The lovely museum is located in the heart of Denmark and exhibit a number of Danish and international artists. BRANDTS have for several years been a customer of Message Earth. Among other things Message Earth have made a CO-branded ECO notebook which show the lovely art of Vilhelm Lundstrom.



Caroline Thiis-Messel, Shop Manager

It has been great to work with Message Earth. The company is much more than a regular paper product supplier. They have a sustainable company philosophy which relate to the Nobel Peace Center. Their staff are very friendly and the products are of a very high quality and of course very green. We have made our Nobel Peace Center Notebook CO-branded with Message Earth, it tells the story about Alfred Nobel and about the Nobel Peace Prize. It has been a joy to work with Message Earth.


Jay Auburn, Retail Buyer

It has been really fun and easy to work with Message Earth. They have been quick and completely flexible with their designs and production setup. I could use the text I wanted with the images I wanted, to provide the best product for our customers, a truly bespoke product. The team there have been so freindly and accomodating. In addition they have a sustainable company philosophy which is really important to us here at Save The Children. 

SCANDIC is one of the largest hotel operators in the Nordic region. With a network of about 280 hotels with 55,000 rooms in six countries and annual sales of SEK 14.6 billion 2017. SCANDIC is leading the way in many areas of sustainable business. Sustainability is a part of SCANDIC’S values – an integral element of all of its operations that SCANDIC’S team members manifest in their daily work. Their green focus interlinks perfect with the green philosophy of Message Earth. That is the reason why they have decided to make CO-branded version of the unique notebook “MY NOTES TO THE WORLD”.



We can also offer you cooperation with some of our amazing brand new paper clips, they are good for the environment and can be used instead of normal clips / staples that often break or get stuck in the recycle bin or shredder. They also provide a good opportunity to  promote your brand with a fun product that your customers notice. In addition, they can be used as an alternative business card for company employees.